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Rising Star Electric Bass

Rising Star Male Vocalist

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"Opening up the cardboard package of the new Jeff Denson Trio album is a photograph of three youngish middle-aged men -- Jon Arkin with his drumstick, Dan Zemelman with a portable keyboard, bassist Jeff Denson sans bass -- and an alto saxophone-carrying geezer, who happens to be Lee Konitz, presently age 87. Koniz is another of those great jazz artists who, like the Energizer bunny, keeps going and going. He was on the Birth of The Cool session, toured with Stan Kenton, and has recorded since with an amazing assortment of contemporary jazz musicians. Denson was part of the Lee Kontiz New Quartet (3 albums). This particular album was recorded at Fantasy Studios, but it seems to be a more intimate, relaxed and casual setting, as if the musicians were more interested in having fun, particularly when both Denson and Koniz scat. The real surprise is hearing Denson sing in Blue Skies, Body and Soul, and Skylark with a pleasant voice (reminding me of Smith Dobson). Denson had not sung professionally since his high school funk and rock band days. Since then, he turned to jazz at Berklee College of Music, Florida State University, earned his doctorate in composition at the University of California at San Diego, and teaches at the California Jazz Conservatory [JazzSchool]. It was Konitz who urged him to vocalise.

The album honors Konitz's mentor Lennie Tristano with three rarely heard challenging, convoluted be-bop pieces: Baby; East Thirty-second; and 317 East 32nd Street, which was the address of Tristano's rehearsal studio above an auto repair shop. Denson's bass joins Kontiz's unique saxophone voice in the second track with an improvised bluesy duet plus mutual scat commentary. East 32nd showcases the melodic bass, bright piano work, bouncy drum beat, and Konitz's humorous strained scat.”

– Dr. Debra Jan Bibel TOP 500 REVIEWER on July 7, 2015, Amazon


DOWNBEATTwo & I'll Fly Away, 4 Stars
July 2014

JAZZ TIMESTwo & I'll Fly Away
July 2014

"Never satisfied to merely accept the role of a session player and with a forward thinking vision to expand his horizons as a leader, Jeff Denson is quickly moving up the improvisational food chain as one of the preeminent bassists in world."
– Brent Black,
"...master of the jazz bass.."
– Lee Hilldebrand, SF Chronicle, June 1, 2014
"...Denson's masterly bow work. Denson's singing bass...tour de force..."
– Andrew Gilbert, California Report, NPR Radio
"Double bassist Jeff Denson capitalizes on his considerable gifts as an improviser, interpreter and sonic trailblazer..."
– Ken Micaleff, Downbeat Magazine, July 2014

[I'll Fly Away and Two] - "... most emblematic of Jeff Denson's formidable abilities and idiomatic flexibility."
– Ron Wynn, JazzTimes Magazine, July/August 2014

"Absolutely brilliant."
– Robert Bush, NBC San Diego, June 10, 2014

[I'll Fly Away] "makes  meaningful contributions to the tradition of piano-bass duets possibly initiated by Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton in 1940."
– Benjamin Franklin V., Music Charts Magazine, July 3, 2014

[I'll Fly Away and Two] - "Bassist Jeff Denson has a  pair of duet discs that are as diverse as you can desire."
– George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, July, 3 2014

[I'll Fly Away] - "One of the finest bass and piano discs to surface in a long time, I'll Fly Away, is worth seeking out."
– Robert Bush, All About Jazz, April 18, 2014