Jeff Denson Trio +

After more than a decade as a co-leader of the internationally acclaimed trio Minsarah, Jeff Denson is forging into new territory with his new trio explorations.

 Lee Konitz & Jeff Denson

Lee Konitz & Jeff Denson

Each season, Jeff will select an outstanding featured guest for some special performances with the Trio. For the 2014/2015 season that guest will be the legendary alto saxophonist Lee Konitz. Jeff has performed with Lee since 2007 and has been a member of Lee Konitz New Quartet, the only permanent group that the eminent saxophonist has ever led. Performance dates are limited, so please contact for availabilities.

"It was always a dream of mine when I was a student back at Berklee College of Music that I would someday be in Lee Konitz’s band, and as luck would have it, that is exactly what happened! Lee heard my trio (Minsarah) performing and really liked what he heard, and that led him to attend three more of our concerts. After hearing us for the fourth time, Lee invited us to meet at his apartment for a session - this led to the formation of the Lee Konitz New Quartet, a band in which Lee wrote is the first actual band he’s ever had! To date, the quartet has released three albums on Enja Records: “Deep Lee” and the “Lee Konitz New Quartet: Live at the Village Vanguard" and "Lee Konitz: Standards Live at the Village Vanguard."          

                                                                                                                          – Jeff Denson

Jeff Denson Quartet

Jeff Denson's new quartet, featuring the eminent composer/bassist/educator with pianist Dan Zemelman, drummer Alan Hall and the world's premier improvising bassoonist, the Grammy-nominated Paul Hanson, will be touring both nationally and internationally behind the soon to-be-released Ridgeway Records album, Concentric Circles.

Denson’s music pushes through the boundaries of conventions in music. By inventively mixing the world of composed and improvised music, Jeff Denson creates a unique language of his own, where intoxicating melodies and rhythms transport the listener away to unknown lands where vivid hues of tone paint the aural canvas of the inner ear.

The music is steeped in the jazz tradition, where the propulsive rhythms are the heartbeat of the music and the musicians are master improvisers of harmonic structures, song forms, and melodic invention. Where the music diverges from the jazz tradition and creates its unique fingerprint is in the handling of the juxtaposition of the composed and improvised material, the roles and uses of the instruments within the compositions, unique instrumentation itself, its musical forms and the unmistakably memorable melodic language of Jeff Denson. The strength of the melodies transcend genre or idiomatic leanings and plant themselves in the ears of the listeners, leaving them singing them long after the music has stopped.

    •    Unique instrumentation of bassoon, bowed double bass & voice as the main melodic voices
    •    Focusing on Denson’s original rich and melodic, cinema-esque original compositions
    •    Virtuosic use of the bowed double bass
    •    The world's premiere improvising jazz bassoonist, Paul Hanson

Jeff Denson Quartet includes:
Paul Hanson, Bassoon
Dan Zemelman, piano
Alan Hall, drums
Jeff Denson, double bass, vocals & compositions


Coming together in 2013, Electreo was formed by bassist Jeff Denson, jazz bassoonist Paul Hanson and drummer Alan Hall. With numerous credits in the jazz, fusion and classical world, Electreo presents a contemporary musical interpretation of a myriad collection of jazz styles in a presentation that is more robust and full sounding than most would expect from a trio.  The unique presentation of electric bassoon with bass and drums lends itself to music that is both open and full, harmonically developed but always rhythmically engaging. 

San Francisco String Trio

  photo by Grason Littles

photo by Grason Littles

Two-time Grammy winner violinist Mads Tolling, six-time Downbeat Magazine International Critics Poll Winner guitarist Mimi Fox, and internationally acclaimed bassist and composer Jeff Denson, have forged their musical talents in a new group, the San Francisco String Trio. This super group made up of three dazzling virtuoso's have come together to create an eclectic and riveting mixture of beautiful and passionate music crossing every genre from tango to funk, and gorgeous ballads to sizzling up-tempo originals. An all acoustic group defying categorization, the San Francisco String Trio provides its audiences with a special musical experience that is both poignant and compelling. Together they have developed The Sgt. Pepper Project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the groundbreaking Beatles album.


 Jeff Denson

Jeff Denson

Solo performance is something that has always intrigued Jeff. As a double bassist, it is most common to function in a supportive role in the majority of musical situations; solo performance is obviously an exception. As a “single-line” instrument, it is a great challenge to perform solo and to create the entire musical world in any given piece, and this is what captured Jeff. A musician spends countless hours alone honing their art, and through that process grows attached to the sounds, textures and emotions that they reach with their instrument. The double bass is an incredibly rich instrument which has a wide tonal palate and extensive range that can span the reaches of the entire stringed instrument family, and yet its inherent subtly can be missed (or masked) by other instruments in an ensemble situation. Having spent five years in San Diego, CA working on his doctorate in contemporary music, Jeff explored the timbral possibilities of his instrument through the performance of solo and chamber music of composers of the 20th and 21st centuries as well as the classical double bass solo literature. The study and performance of that music opened Jeff's ears to a wider spectrum of tonal colors on my instrument and thereby opened the doors of his musical concept. While living in San Diego, Jeff had the great and unusual opportunity to have a regular solo double bass gig once a month for a year and a half and it afforded him an opportunity to explore the creation of his own solo performance language through both improvised and original notated musical performances.